Would you Get Long Term Effects With Acupuncture

26 Mar

How many times should i get acupuncture treatment? This might be probably the most common questions that individuals ask throughout their first consultation. One other is whether or not they’ll have to keep having acupuncture weekly to help keep the obtaining the effect.


Traditionally, in China, doctors were not paid when their patients were getting ill. These were paid when their sufferers were well and healthy. This is in comparison with the way we only go and see our GP when we are ill. Homeopathy includes a strong focus on re-establishing balance in the human body and also on preventing illness instead of trying to get better when the individual is ill.

So let’s say someone is coming to see with nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of being pregnant (also called morning sickness). Acupuncture can achieve fantastic results and calm the nausea and vomiting down quickly, sometimes even after just one single treatment.

However, that patient will need several treatments next. It is because, with acupuncture, I would be trying to treat the symptoms and also the root factors behind the situation. Only if the symptoms are treated, they may be certainly going to return. This can be a bit like taking one pill to calm the nausea down. Because the effect wears off, therefore the nausea comes home. Since the root factors behind the issue are tackled and the body is brought back into balance, the length of time without nausea increases as well as the answers are sustained.


The length of time this will take depends largely around the patient as well as the amount of time he or she has had that illness. The more the situation has been in existence, the longer the procedure will take to re-establish balance within the body. Even though the condition is quite recent, it might take time for you to ensure that the answers are sustained. It is because a sickness can be the sign your body continues to be out of whack for a long time, even without obvious symptoms, and therefore will take time to recover. This explains why 2 persons who’ve had a similar accident can heal at such different rates.

So as a general rule, I state that people will have some improvements within 5 to eight treatments, with some people experiencing major changes after only one treatment. The size of the treatment itself depends a lot on the patient and the length of time the imbalance continues to be present of course, if you can still find some external causes for that illness (as an example, stress or even a very physical work).